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What’s smoother than being smooth? Our improved booking experience, that’s what. 

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We’re rolling out the red carpet on all devices, so whether you’re on a work tablet or your games console, buying a ticket will feel just as fabulous on our quicker and cooler booking system.

Why re-registering?

Registering to our new site, even if you already had an account on the old website, will make you reap all the benefits of our swanky new system like many other customers have already done.

You just need your current e-mail and password, and voila! Also, your registration details are safe with us.

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Clever and cheaper fare finders

You'll always see the cheapest tickets first, alongside the cheapest First Class tickets, and the quickest journey combination. 

If you end up choosing a more expensive combination than you might need, we’ll tell you! We will also hold your booking for up to two hours in case you need some time to decide.

Here are some other tricks for you: 

  • Need season tickets? Buy them online!
  • Personalised price break down, so that can see your savings
  • Flexible fare validity shown side by side, so you can easily see which ticket is valid when
  • You can now search fares across the whole day, week, or month on some VTEC journeys


Time to upgrade, darling

Feeling swanky? We'll show you the cheapest First Class tickets alongside standard tickets, so it’s easy to spy a great deal. The perfect excuse to treat yourself.

With plush lounges, tasty grub and smooth leather seats – why wouldn’t you? Go on, you’re worth it.


So, let's face it - re-registering is worthy.

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